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Welcome to our new site.

Our Grow Naturally logo was created to reflect the philosophy that began to develop as we ventured into composting manure. From the beginning we have had the obligation to deal with the manure produced from the livestock operation. It has always been utilized to transform the most difficult soils for cropping. With our first attempt in 2005; in a short time we have developed a system which utilizes not only our livestock by-product but also that of nearby poultry farms to create a more consistent and usable fertilizer.  By developing a direct relationship with ProRock scrap we are able to divert 1200 Tonnes of drywall scraps annaully from the city landfill, enhancing our compost program.  We continue to produce high quality compost every year relying on the recycled nutrients to meet 80% of the requirements for grain production as we continue to build the quality of the soil we farm. 

Using natural processes to change how and what we produce; continues to influence our operations. We are not Organic. Organics cultural mind set will not meet the needs of the world in the future and has no tolerance to benefit from major advances in science and technology.

Implementation of new technology and the constant drive to improve the operation of our farm from environmental, economic and long term sustainability perspectives has moved us into very interesting directions. We hope to provide you with a glimpse into what is and what will be when it comes to the production of food in this part of the world. Globally and locally more pressure is put on agriculture every year as a smaller number of farms is challenged to produce more food with a limited base of land,water and nutrient resources. Farming is a lifestyle that we feel privileged to participate in and proud that the work done here every day is evident in the quality of food that is provided for everyone to enjoy.

It is difficult to know how to present the information to accommodate traffic from people both in and outside of the industry. I hope everyone will find my point of view interesting as well as informative.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Jeff Nonay