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The compost project has been evolving since 2005.  Currently Lakeside Dairy works in co-operation with nearby chicken farms and with ProRock Scrap to provide feedstock for a viable sized project. Windrowing the materials in combinations that will yield the most efficient and highest quality finished product.  Attention and effort is foccused into creating as consistent of a product as possible, and special recipes are developed to create compost that is designed for different applications.  The turning of the piles is hired out as specialzed equipment is the most efficient method of breaking down particle size and intoducing oxygen into the piles.  Our relationship with ProRock diverts roughly 1200 tonnes of drywall waste from the city landfill, increases nutrient value of the compost and enhances the environmental benefits of composting manure. There is lots of research that indicates the benefits of composting and the benefits of using compost as a soil amendment and fertilizer source. Over time, with continued use of compost, we hope to improve the capacity of the soil to grow crops. Through the responsible management of livestock waste we are reducing the impact on the environment and taking advantage of an opportunity to create a valuable soil fertility alternative.

Gypsum is used as a soil amendment in specific fields. It has helped improve the quality of the seed potatoes and has long lasting positive effects in the soil. Research shows that gypsum improves soil structure which is the basis for all of the benefits.  Special spreaders are utilized to efficiently and accurately apply the amendment.  Since gypsum has become a signifcant feedstock in the compost and all land under our management benefits from compost apllication, gypsum as an additional amendment is limited to specific fields.